How many days do I have to attend?

Year 1* Year 2 Year 3 Year 4

Seminar days

8 21 21


Clinic days

0 14 29


Self-study days 18 67 67


*The first year of the medical herbalist training programme can be taken as a preparatory course for anyone wanting to decide if training to become a medical herbalist is for them. At the end of the first year you can then decide if you want to continue to complete the full diploma or leave the course with a certificate of completion, and a greater understanding of herbal medicine.


In the preparatory year, the level of work is slightly lower, as you begin your training. In the first year you must commit 3 hours per week to study (including all reading, and research etc).

In the second to fourth years of the course you must be able to commit 12 hours (minimum) per week to study.