Introducing our new year one programme

Following lots of discussion and feedback from our last 2 sets of year 1 students (who are now in their second and third years of our programme) we have made the following changes to the year 1 programme:

  • The number of taught days has increased from 8 to 15 days.

  • The number of tutors teaching the course has also increased to give more diversity.

  • A personal tutor will be assigned to each student and they will meet with them (online or telephone) once a month for support throughout the 4 years of the course. (This usually begins from year 2)

  • Anatomy and physiology will be a key focus of the seminars with a new tutor who specialises in teaching students with no previous experience of science.

  • Webinar style teaching sessions will take place for students to interact with each other when not at seminar weekends.

  • Study skills information and support will be given at the start of the course to ensure all students have the right skills to study at this level.

  • Peer mentoring will be available from year 2 students.

  • There will be opportunities to attend herbal trips with students from other classes and year groups.

  • There will be opportunities to visit our herbal medicine clinics.