What’s in a name?

When I first decided to take the leap and create a training programme for medical herbalists I went through lots of different ideas about what the course would be called and how it would be run.

I chose to use the word ‘apprenticeship’ in the traditional sense of the word as I see herbalists as crafts people as well as medical professionals; we’re a combination of the two.

So when the course began that is what I decided to call the programme (from June 2016), and many people really resonated with the word, understanding that need to get back to our roots in a way. Herbalists in history would have trained in this way and across the world many herbalists still are.

Today, Monday 14th August 2017, I have been informed of the following Policy and Legislation that prevents the word ‘apprenticeship’ being used for training courses that are not Government led courses.

This was not in force when I named the course and it has only just been brought to my attention.

In light of this restriction, we have changed the name of our programme, from a ‘herbal apprenticeship’ to a ‘medical herbalist training programme’.

Our course still remains the same; it is still a four year diploma programme leading to the ability to practice as a medical herbalist.

Our ethos remains the same, and the way the course is run will remain the same, we’ve simply made some wording changes.

If anyone has any questions about this change, please get in touch with us.