Why become a medical herbalist?


What is a medical herbalist?

A medical herbalist is someone trained in plant medicine, with clinical skills, including a high level in diagnosis. Herbalists use a holistic approach to treatment and have a long history in the UK.


These are just some of the reasons why our students want to become medical herbalists:

“I would love to work for myself, in a clinic or health centre, giving me independence.”
“I would hope to use my skills to raise awareness about herbal medicine as an option for healthcare. In particular I would like to be able to help low income families, focusing on anxiety related problems.”


And here are some reasons why they chose to train with Betonica:

“I love the sound of the apprenticeship because you get to work alongside medical herbalists, go to herb farms and get the chance to really get stuck in. The apprenticeship allows me to continue working, and study at home, as well as attending seminars.”
“I would love to be able to learn from experienced practitioners how to use plants from my surroundings to heal and gain the knowledge and skills to one day have my own practice.”


Don’t forget, there are lots of options regarding how to train to become a medical herbalist, take a look at our comparison table of the courses available in the UK and Ireland.